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JASNA Nova Scotia will meet in February to talk about papers on Sense and Sensibility from the 2011 Annual General Meeting in Fort Worth, Texas.  We’re meeting on Sunday, February 12 at 2pm at Christina’s house; please email me (semsley at gmail dot com) if you’re interested in attending.

Come and join us to talk about “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” in Sense and Sensibility, along with other intriguing topics such as duels, portrait miniatures and hairwork, plots and “dark subplots,” iconography, letters, Emma Thompson’s film adaptation of the novel, connections between Frankenstein’s monster and the Dashwood sisters, and a defense of Edward Ferrars as a hero.  You can find the essays published in Persuasions On-Line 32.1 (2011) here.

Many thanks to Catherine Morley for her fascinating talk at Dalhousie about connections between the clear fluids recommended in hospitals today, and the beef tea, barley water, and gruel of Jane Austen’s time.