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The New Compass
, the literary journal I co-founded and co-edited with Michael John DiSanto, published four issues online between June 2003 and December 2004. I am happy to say that, thanks to Michael, the journal now exists in print form as well. The four issues are collected in one handsome volume, with a blue cover that matches the cover of its precursor The Compass: A Provincial Review. Much as I enjoy the convenience of reading online, it’s still very satisfying to hold the journal in my hands and read the printed word.

Michael has produced the volume for deposit in university libraries, with a few copies for contributors. (If you are one of our contributors, and you suspect that I may not have your current mailing address, please let me know.) There are so many good things to read in these four issues of The New Compass, and it was a real pleasure to re-read them all when I saw the proofs. All the essays, reviews, fiction, and poetry from the journal will continue to be available online here.

Since it’s a hot summer day, I’ll draw attention to one poem from the third issue of the journal, published in June 2004. Click here to read Bradin Cormack’s poem “July in the Garden (1996).”