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I want to hear your ideas! I’ve put together a list of Jane Austen-related books for children that includes the Cozy Classics and BabyLit board books, the Real Reads abridged versions of Austen’s novels, and Juliet McMaster’s wonderful illustrated edition The Beautifull Cassandraof Austen’s story “The Beautifull Cassandra.” This list is a work-in-progress and I hope you’ll help me add to it, with suggestions for books I may have overlooked and film adaptations that are appropriate for watching with young children, along with any other ideas you have for introducing kids to the works of Jane Austen.

I haven’t listed any of the movies yet, though off the top of my head I think the 1995 Pride and Prejudice belongs on the list, while the 1999 Mansfield Park does not. What do you think? I’d cut the first scene from the 2007 Sense and Sensibility for obvious reasons, but I’m trying to remember if the rest of it would be okay to watch with children.

Please add your comments and suggestions either here or on my “Jane Austen for Kids” page. Thank you!