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Two of my blog posts have recently been reprinted on The Literary Ladies’ Guide to the Writing Life. One of them is “Why is Mr. Darcy So Attractive?” – which is the second most popular post ever on my blog. (Second only to “Jane Austen’s ‘Darling Child’ Meets the World,” which I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Yes, Pride and Prejudice gets a great deal of attention, and that attention is well deserved! But this year we’re also going to give Mansfield Park its share of attention, too – right? Right?? I hope you’re all with me on this!)

Here’s the beginning of my Mr. Darcy post:

Hugh Thomson's 1894 illustration of Mr. Darcy“Darcy is still the ultimate sex symbol” is the title of a recent article by Katy Brand in The Telegraph. The article features a photograph of Colin Firth and his famous wet shirt from the 1995 A&E/BBC Pride and Prejudice series. I can’t reproduce the image here, because I’ve promised to try very hard not to talk about the “white noise” of popular culture that surrounds Pride and Prejudice. … Read more at The Literary Ladies’ Guide to the Writing Life.

The second is “L.M. Montgomery’s Literary Pilgrimage to Concord, Mass.,” which I posted last fall on Montgomery’s birthday:

Orchard HouseGiven how many fans of L.M. Montgomery visit “Green Gables” in Cavendish, PEI each year, I find it fascinating to read about Montgomery’s own literary pilgrimage to Concord, Massachusetts, when she was visiting her publisher, L.C. Page, in Boston in November of 1910.

“Concord is the only place I saw when I was away where I would like to live,” she writes. “It is a most charming spot and I shall never forget the delightful drive we had around it.” … Read more at The Literary Ladies’ Guide to the Writing Life.

Many thanks to Nava Atlas for sharing these posts on her Literary Ladies blog.