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I’m throwing a party for Emma Woodhouse and you’re invited. Please join us for a celebration of the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s Emma, which was published at the end of December in 1815.

We’ll begin on December 23, 2015 with a guest post by Nora Bartlett, who’s writing about the snow that falls on the night of the Westons’ Christmas party. You won’t even have to leave your own fireside to attend this winter party, so you needn’t fear, as John Knightley does, “being snowed up a week at Randalls.” All you need to do is follow my blog or subscribe via email and you’ll receive updates about the celebrations.

Among the many people writing guest posts for “Emma in the Snow” are Gillian Dow (on Emma abroad), Cheryl Kinney (on Mr. Woodhouse’s health), Elisabeth Lenckos (on Ford’s shop and materialism), Margaret C. Sullivan (on Miss Bates’s monologues), and Deborah Yaffe (on Emma as an “imaginist”). Deborah Barnum is writing about the publishing history of the novel for December 16th, Jane Austen’s birthday, as a kind of prelude to the series. Please visit “Emma in the Snow” for a full list of contributors.

The series will run until March 19, 2016, with posts on Wednesdays and Fridays, plus a flurry of posts in the last few days of winter (pun intended, of course).

I hope you’ll read along with us and join the discussions! You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter (@Sarah_Emsley).

Emma in the Snow