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In honour of Jane Austen’s 240th birthday today, Deborah Barnum of Jane Austen in Vermont has written a detailed history of the publication of Austen’s novel Emma, which was published on December 23, 1815. (Thank you, Deb!)

Please join us here for more guest posts on Emma later this month and then all through the winter. We’ll begin with Nora Bartlett’s piece on “Emma in the Snow” on December 23rd. I hope you’ll celebrate with us!

Jane Austen in Vermont

As part of Sarah Emsley’s upcoming three month-long celebration of Emma, “Emma in the Snow” beginning on December 23, 2015, I have written this post on its publishing history – an interesting tale gleaned from Austen’s Letters, Deirdre Le Faye’s Chronology, and other scholarly essays. Sarah will be re-blogging it, and we welcome your comments on either site. Emma was published in late December 1815, though the title page states 1816, and hence why there are celebrations both this year and next. I always have felt it appropriate that this book was published so close to Austen’s birthday on the 16th, and why I am posting this today, what would have been her 240th! And December brings to mind the very pivotal and humorous scene on Christmas Eve with Mr. Elton and Emma in the carriage – think snow – it shall be here soon…

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