Searching for Maud in the “Emily” Series

Church Street, Halifax

The house on Church Street where L.M. Montgomery lived when she was working in Halifax at The Daily Echo. Looks as if it’s still for sale: Anyone want to buy it and turn it into a museum?

Church Street, Halifax

3 thoughts on “Church Street, Halifax”

  1. Hello Sarah, I’m an illustration student from England UK and a lover of L.M. Montgomery’s work. I was wondering if you know of any picture of the building of The Daily Echo where L.M. Montgomery was working. I’m working on my final year picture book project about her creative path which inspired me throughout my time at university, and just started my journey of research when I found your entry here. Do you have any recommendations where to find historical photographs of L.M. Montgomery’s journey? I’m thankful for any information you are willing to share. Kind Regards, Romica


  2. Hi Romica! Have you found The Shining Scroll, available on the L.M. Montgomery Institute website? There are some articles on LMM and Halifax (listed at the bottom of my “L.M. Montgomery in Nova Scotia” page: You might also try the Nova Scotia Archives: I don’t have any photos of the building from that period. All best wishes for your research, Sarah


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