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  1. Hi Sarah,
    I replied to your linking to my Virginia Woolf blog. The message might not get to you in that way. I don’t usually used Word Press. My everyday blog is on Blogger. However, in case you don’t get the original message here it is again.

    Hi Sarah, thanks for linking to my Virginia Woolf blog. I had a thing for her a few years ago and started reading all her novels from the first. I intended to write my thoughts on each novel as I went along. I wanted to do it all in a year. Ididn’t realise how hard that would be.
    She was quite a philosopher and explored many new ideas. You just have to look at the people she associated with. I loved doing it but got quite exhausted with it. Orlando threw me a bit. I was getting into her way of looking at the world in a sort of cubist way almost. Then Orlando came along. It confused me.
    I stopped for a rest .
    I haven’t gone back to it for I while but I will. I love Virginia Woolf, but she probably wouldn’t have loved me!!!
    I have been to most Virginia Woolf sites. Near me, in Richmond,is Hogarth House where she began The Hogarth Press with her husband Leonard.
    Hope you get a good title for your project. I probably didn’t help.
    All the best,
    Sent from my iPhone

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    • Hi Tony, I did see your comment on today’s blog post about the Northanger Abbey and Persuasion series, so I’ve replied there, and I hope WordPress sent it to you. I’m delighted to have all your suggestions for titles — thank you!


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