St. Paul’s in the Grand Parade

St. Paul's in the Grand ParadeSt. Paul’s Anglican Church is the oldest Protestant church in Canada, the first place of worship in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the oldest building in the city. Located in the original town square, the Grand Parade, the church has been at the centre of civic life since its founding in 1749.

The church, its clergy and its congregation have always played an influential part in Halifax life. St. Paul’s figures in the city’s long relationship with the British royal family, and has played an important role in key events in Halifax history, such as the 1917 Halifax Explosion, the loss of the Titanic, and two world wars, and it has served the community as a place of worship for more than 250 years. I wrote St. Paul’s in the Grand Parade for the 250th anniversary celebrations in 1999.

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