The New Compass

The New Compass

Between 2002 and 2004, I co-founded and co-edited an on-line literary journal, The New Compass, with Michael John DiSanto.

We published poetry by Turner Cassity, Timothy Steele, R.L. Barth, Carmen Bugan, Dick Davis, Bradin Cormack, and Helen Pinkerton, and essays and reviews by Jennie Batchelor, John Baxter, J.A. Burrow, Kenneth Fields, Gordon Harvey, Richard Hoffpauir, Ian Robinson, Richard Lansdown, Michèle Mendelssohn, J. Russell Perkin, and Bruce Stovel, among many others.

The four issues of the journal are now available in hard copy, and may be ordered through Edgeways Books. The complete archive is also available on-line.

If you wrote for The New Compass and haven’t yet received a copy of the volume from Michael or me, please let me know via email or by leaving a comment below.

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