Youth and Experience: Northanger Abbey and Persuasion

Welcome to my blog series celebrating 200 years of Jane Austen’s novels Northanger Abbey and Persuasion!

The first guest post was by Deborah Barnum, on the publishing history of Northanger Abbey. We began on December 16, 2017, Jane Austen’s 242nd birthday, and the series ran until the end of June 2018.

Contributors to the series include Carol Adams, Maggie Arnold, Deborah Barnum, Gisèle Baxter, Lyn Bennett, Diana Birchall, Serena Burdick, L. Bao Bui, Lynn Festa, Marcia McClintock Folsom, Susannah Fullerton, Saniyya Gauhar, William Hutchings, Hazel Jones, Theresa Kenney, Sheila Johnson Kindred, Deborah Knuth Klenck, Maggie Lane, Elisabeth Lenckos, Mahlia S. Lone, Rohan Maitzen, Sara Malton, Ellen Moody, Leslie Nyman, Lisa Pliscou, Mary Lu Redden, Jessica Richard, Peter Sabor, Kate Scarth, Edward Scheinman, Judith Sears, Laaleen Sukhera, Margaret C. Sullivan, Judith Thompson, Deborah Yaffe, Kim Wilson, and Daniel Woolf.

Both William Hutchings and Ellen Moody wrote about Persuasion and autumn, and I shared their guest posts here in the fall of 2017: “A Sense of an Ending: Persuasion and Keats’s ‘Ode to Autumn,’” by William Hutchings, and “‘For there is nothing lost, that may be found’: Charlotte Smith in Jane Austen’s Persuasion,” by Ellen Moody.

Thank you to Adam Q for suggesting the title of the series, and to Sue Wilson Knopp for designing the image below, adding the title to my photograph of Black Rock Beach in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Youth and Experience: Northanger Abbey and Persuasion

Blog Series Celebrating 200 Years of Northanger Abbey and Persuasion

“Pump Rooms and Gothic Terrors: How Northanger Abbey Came to Be,” by Deborah Barnum

“Henry Austen’s ‘Biographical Notice of the Author,'” by Peter Sabor

“Northanger Abbey’s Scare Quotes,” by Lynn Festa

“The Eyes of Society,” by Serena Burdick

“‘Miss Morland; do but look at my horse’: Horses’ John Thorpe Problem,” by Kate Scarth

“Revisiting Northanger Abbey,” by Lisa Pliscou

“The Defense of Novels in Northanger Abbey,” by Leslie Nyman

“Teenaged Gothic Daydreams: Coming of Age in Northanger Abbey,” by Gisèle M. Baxter

“Parental Tyranny and Filial Disobedience in Northanger Abbey,” by Theresa Kenney

“Riot!—what riot?” by Judith Thompson

“Bless Me, Henry Tilney, for I Have Sinned,” by Margaret C. Sullivan

“Petitioning Beggars and Historical Whitewashing in Austen’s Financial Romance,” by Sara Malton

“Reading, Misreading, and the Plain Truth,” by Lyn Bennett

“Eleanor and Isabella,” by Saniyya Gauhar, Mahlia S. Lone, and Laaleen Sukhera

“The Vanity of Human Riches: A Conversation About Class and Wealth in Northanger Abbey and Persuasion,” by Deborah Knuth Klenck and Ted Scheinman

“‘…a something ready for publication…’ ~ The Publishing Journey of Jane Austen’s Persuasion,” by Deborah Barnum

“Sir Walter Elliot Sleeps Through History,” by Bao Bui

“Jane Austen and Adventure,” by Elisabeth Lenckos

“Revisiting Persuasion: Jane Austen on history and History,” by Daniel Woolf

“What Anne Knew,” by Jessica Richard

“After the Fall,” by Carol J. Adams

“Three Generations in Search of Anne Elliot,” by Mary Lu Roffey Redden

“What Women Most Desire: Anne Elliot’s Self-discovery,” by Maggie Arnold

“Anne Elliot’s Journeys of Body and Mind,” by Hazel Jones

“Coincidence in Persuasion,” by Maggie Lane

“General Tilney, the Ogre of Northanger Abbey,” by Diana Birchall

“Frightening Henry Tilney’s Housekeeper Out of Her Wits,” by Kim Wilson

“Sir Walter Elliot: The Constant Reader,” by Susannah Fullerton

“Learning to Speak,” by Rohan Maitzen

“Louisa, Fanny, and Sophy: Lives of Naval Wives,” by Sheila Johnson Kindred

“Jane Austen at Work: The Revision of Persuasion’s Ending,” by Judith Sears

“Thinking About Austen’s Writing of Persuasion,” by Marcia McClintock Folsom

“Such a Letter,” by Deborah Yaffe

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